CampusAccess at Indiana Universit

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CampusAccess at Indiana Universit


IU Campus Card Services
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Why is your CampusAccess
card so important?
College Conundrums Bar
Students, What are you going
to do for cash?
College Conundrums Bar
Parents, what is the biggest obstacle students face at IU?
Copies & More
45¢ Color Copies • 15¢ Regular Copies
Buy supplies, send faxes, and more available at
the Campus Card Services counters!

More Information

Copies & More will permanently close
their doors May 5th. (end-of-day) It has been a privilege serving the Students and Employees
of Indiana University. Thank you for letting us be
a part of your community.

Where to use your card
When you deposit funds in your account you're choosing the most convenient way to pay for everything from a quick snack to doing laundry.
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CampusAccess at Indiana Universit